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Whether you are remembering, or observing, or imagining. In that process, you are activating thought.

-Esther Hicks (The Secret)

Many of us are not aware of the thoughts we harbor and yet, in every second of our waking life, we are thinking something. The thoughts we think are then grouped by how they feel, and these groups become our predominant countenance at any given time. This becomes your “Vibe”.

The term “Vibe” is short for vibration which really means the level or the frequency of our predominant thoughts and feelings… What’s more, is that we can read “vibes” off each other.

The ability to read vibes is not something we need to learn, we were all born with it. However, because of the system of mainstream education, we don’t talk about it so we ignore that part of our being and eventually it wanes or we don’t consider it valid until something happens to validate what we felt.

Why do we need to read vibes?

Easy… it makes life easier. People lie or hide things for one reason or another but by reading their vibe, we can tell what’s really going on with them. It moves things along faster when you can read a person’s feelings and perceptions. While reading vibe is not mind reading, you can know basics such as whether or not a person is being honest, shy or having malevolent thoughts and this sure helps prevent disasters in future as well as speed up great relationship bonds.

How to read vibes

Like I earlier mentioned, we can all do this. However, with the distractions of modern life, we are not attentive enough to see. Mindfulness becomes the means through which we can be attentive enough to read vibrations. We can’t afford to go through our days mindlessly and shallow.

The first step is to take note of your own “vibe” and you take note by choosing your own thoughts and feelings. The higher and more distinct your vibrational frequency, the easier it becomes to detect the vibration of others. At different points of the day, ask yourself “What is my vibe right now? What thoughts and beliefs am I sending out to the world?” As you do this, it becomes clearer that your vibe determines how you see the world around you and how you react.

As you interact with others, observe them and try to know what they are are thinking and feeling. The quickest way to do this (before it becomes automatic) is to take note of their unconscious actions. Are they looking around suspiciously? Are they stroking their hair? Are their hands or legs twitching? Are their hands folded? Are they laughing a lot?

Unconscious actions are the clues a newbie uses to learn what frequency a person is vibrating on and please take note that you are not to make any conclusions if you are just starting out on this. Ask the person questions and try to get into their minds or observe further to confirm what you’ve taken note of. With time, this gets easier.

Last Words

A lot of the issues we have in every sector in the world borders on misunderstandings. Being able to “Vibe” becomes crucial if you are like me and have very little time for settling disputes. You can also save yourself a lot of unnecessary fracases…. So why not?



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