The role of subconscious

‘The subconscious is mad’ I always say. It does what it does without letting us know what it is doing. The subconscious mind believes something and runs with it — it doesn’t matter if that thing is true or false; if it’s good for you or not.

When the subconscious has believed something positive and nice, then of course the results are amazing. But when it has believed something limiting, it’s quite disastrous.

The subconscious mind makes the blood pump and controls our breathing. We see these things happen without our direct input — they just happen. The subconscious mind takes over when the conscious mind is “not available” (for example when we sleep). The conscious mind can only focus on one task at a time so think of all life; we couldn’t possibly navigate if you had to solely depend on our conscious mind and so the subconscious helps with multitasking. A person can play the piano and hold a conversation because the playing of the piano has moved to the realm of subconscious. Imagine someone who is just starting to learn how to play the piano or drive a car, they wouldn’t be able to engage in conversation while trying to navigate their other task — you get the point.

But there’s more…

The subconscious mind makes sure our life goes according to what we have believed — and it bases these beliefs on what we have seen and heard from when we were born! AND WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IT IS HAPPENING! SHIT! This is why rich parents have rich children and why hater parents have hater children. Your belief system will determine your character and that will determine how you create, react and respond to life and that will make up the bulk of your experiences. Rich people behave a certain way and that is because they have believed certain things that the poor have not believed — this causes the rich to act differently from the poor and as such get different results from life from the poor. Every once in a while, we see a poor person who creates lasting wealth and when those people are interviewed, they say the same thing and that is that they had to change their belief system; they had to start seeing money as a friend rather than an enemy or boss (like the poor see it).

Happiness, health and wealth have their roots in the subconscious mind and it is those ideas and beliefs surrounding these areas, the ones which we saw our parents profess and display, that become a large part of us. Any idea that enters the subconscious mind and is believed by the same, starts working to adjust life to fit that idea. Look at everyone who thinks “money is the root of all evil” or “men are scum”, you can see that their lives reflect those beliefs even if those beliefs are not universally true.

So how do we get free?

We have all believed some rubbish at one point in time and up until this moment, those beliefs have shown up as truth in our lives. Be that as it may, you can change your belief system if you are not getting the results you want. Everybody desires companionship so if you find yourself being lonely all the time, unable to get the best out of your relationships, then there is a subconscious message/belief that is holding you back. It could be that you experienced domestic violence growing up and you swore you will never do relationships. Of course with subconscious, most times we forget the moment when we picked up the belief system but in order to change it, we need to go back to our past — that’s the first step.

The second step is that when we have found the erroneous message, we must immediately replace it with a positive one and start to send this replacement to the subconscious mind to do it’s thing (because nothing will leave your subconscious unless it is replaced).

Replacing a message is most effective at moments when the conscious mind is “not available” to fight the new message and we get those moments just before we sleep, while asleep, and just after we wake up. Most people successfully replace messages by carrying the replacement message in an earpiece as they go to sleep.

While this is a broad topic, read my articles on affirmation and meditation to better understand how you can begin to replace negative messages in your subconscious with positive ones.

Until then — stay woke!

Mystic | Seeker

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Daniel Asuquo

Daniel Asuquo

Mystic | Seeker

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