The devil…friend or foe?

It’s not always what it looks like

There was once a man who you could say had everything he could ever want. He owned possessions that were impossible for people to comprehend. His material wealth matched his physical appearance, he was well endowed… He was simply spectacular.

He had a son with whom he spent as much time as he could. He wanted to make his son as spectacular as he was. The little boy already had the gene, he was already in the will but he had to become mature mentally in order to step into full ownership of his birthright.

The man spent time teaching the boy what he needed to know and every once in a bit, he would test him.

One day, as a reward for a test the boy had recently passed, the father took him to a park. It was a beautiful park and the boy hadn’t been there before. It was bigger than any park he had ever seen. At this point I should mention that the boy had no idea his father had been preparing him to take control of his inheritance. To the boy, it was just his dad being his dad; giving him endless tasks to which he saw no grand purpose. Moving on…

“You’re going to have so much fun here” the father said beaming. “I do have a small task for you though before we get down to the fun”.

The boy was already restless. He couldn’t wait to start enjoying himself but he had to obey. “What is it father?”

“Go to that booth over there and ask for the manager; tell him you father wants to see him.”

The boy ran off and his father waited.

Minutes passed, when it got to an hour without the boy returning, the father decided to go looking. He searched for a few minutes to no avail until he got to an ice cream stand.

“Adam” He called. The boy had a nice vanilla cone in his hand as he sat on a bench just beside the stand. There was another man, a little younger than the father sitting with him.

The boy, startled, stood up as the ice cream dropped from his hand. “I’m.. I’m sorry dad”. He was shaking, afraid of what his dad would do to him. He knew he has messed up big time.

“Oh hello Sir” the man on the bench said as he stood up. He extended his hand. “Quite a nice young man you’ve raised.”

“Here’s some change” the father said as he took a deep breath. He beckoned to his son. “Go for a session on the roller coaster. Let me talk with your friend”

The boy hesitated.

“Go on Adam; it’s fine” the father reassured. “The roller coaster can be seen once you get to the manager’s booth. I’ll be a minute”

The boy stepped forward and took the money.

“We’ll talk about this later” the father said as the boy walked away soberly.

The father turned to the stranger. “So tell me Luci. How easy was it for you to distract my boy?”

To be continued…

Mystic | Seeker

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Daniel Asuquo

Daniel Asuquo

Mystic | Seeker

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