Respect the Cockroach

Their gift is their curse

Image by kul bora from Pixabay

… I submit to you that God is a Cockroach
- Mohinder Suresh (Heroes S01E01)

Have I mentioned that I hate Cockroaches? I have actually, in a previous article. Yeah, it has to do with the fact that they carry a lot of bacteria and can cause crazy diseases (up to 20 if I’m not mistaken). However, it is for the same reason they should be respected… revered even. Let’s get into mild detail.

I was once told that Cockroaches perform the same function on land as crayfishes do underwater. They eat poop among other things. Basically, their job is to 'clean up' and they are built for it. They can hold germs without getting hurt by them. The Cockroach is immune to radiation poisoning and it can survive for days without a head. You gotta admit that’s amazing. But these gifts come with a price. They have to house a myriad of germs.

When a person comes in contact with Cockroach faeces or something a Cockroach has touched, they stand the risk of being infected with severe diseases and this makes Cockroaches really unsafe. But think about it. They are unsafe for the same reason they are useful and that’s the irony… that is why they need respect.

The story of the Cockroach reminds me of the Christian concept of Jesus. They say he came to take away the sin of the world (well he wasn’t successful though coz sin didn’t go away — but I kid around…or maybe not. Decide for yourself). When he was on the cross, we are told that he became sin itself and his father (God) couldn’t even look at him. Just like the Cockroach! And some millions of people worship him. #Wink

The point of this article is that there are some organisms like the Cockroach whose purpose is to 'clean up' and this makes them 'dirty' and hated. Try and see it from their point of view. They are here to help but somehow they can, because of that gift, cause a lot of harm to the uneducated. That’s rough.

So there you have it, please don’t befriend a Cockroach…but you gotta respect them.

Mystic | Seeker

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Daniel Asuquo

Daniel Asuquo

Mystic | Seeker

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