A story about reactions

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But then…

Still in that imagination I started to think. Sex is amazing (so I hear — remember I’m imagining this at 12), the feeling of physical bonding with another person that you like or love has to feel good. And then I ask myself. What makes me feel I have the right to tie another person’s happiness to me in a way that when they are happy without me, I feel broken?

Reaction are learned

Our reactions in life as mostly learned from the reactions we observed while growing up. When our parents were not happy with us, they frowned and then, because we want them to be happy, we re-examine the thing we did and try to not d it again. In that moment, we learn that there is a reaction for everything and when we are placed in those scenarios, we will react as we have learned to react. Do this make sense?


To evolve, we need to revisit the way we react to things and why we react in those ways. I learned a while back that another person having consensual sex had no right to annoy me or break me. I learned this because I re-wrote my own internal conversation. That is where the secret lies.



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