My Unfair Advantage

Here’s why you shouldn’t complain about hardships

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I kill it every time I visit a developed country. I hear a lot of “Are you sure you are Nigerian?”

“No I’m not sure, the place is just so awesome I want to associate — get outta here” is my usual response. Then we all laugh and I kill it one more time.

I am functional and I meet deadlines without steady electricity so think of what I do with 24/7 light. I execute government-type jobs in a country where you could get arrested just for rocking dreads so who will I appeal to in a place where it’s not an issue? I still go for a jog on a street where people have been robbed and killed so what will my health and fitness be when I have safe streets and an affordable gym plan? Sure you get the point by now.

Unfair Advantage

I would have said it is natural to focus on negative stuff but I ain’t no clueless pastor. I don’t believe negativity exists in nature — just balance. So I’m gonna say we tend to think of our negative scenarios as unfair. I’m right…right? This is particularly true when you are born into the “unfair” situation where we believe we had no choice — let me burst your bubble and say Yes! we chose to show up here but that’s another article. For now though…

Kenyans win the races everywhere they go because their country is like high up on a hill somewhere so they have less oxygen. When they manage to run up that hill, then our flat surface is child’s play to them — Unfair Advantage!

Brazilians (of before) are amazing at football (or soccer like it is called in the U.S) and that is because they play on beaches. When they have learned to control the ball on beachy soil, the grass is child’s play — Unfair advantage!

Nigerian teachers want us to fail exams — I don’t know who did that to us but that’s the way it is. Schools in Nigeria want to ‘sneak up’ on you with exams and tests so they catch you unawares so when a Nigerian can excel with such a system. The developed system that tells you where your test will come from becomes child’s play to us. We kill it whenever we find ourselves in a 1st-world school — Unfair advantage.


The hardships you face (especially those you feel you don’t deserve) are your unfair advantage. You are meant to surpass them. Actually, I don’t know what you are supposed to do. What I know is this. Anyone who is able to make the best of their seeming 'negative' situations, will come out on top because it does get better…and when it does, those people are already prepared for the good times because they had harsh teachers…. So of course, they kill it. Ask Burna!



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