You are always so carefree, you don’t get jealous when you see me talking to other guys... You don’t love me... ERROR!

Jealousy is a base emotion and like lust, should have very little to no place in the mind of the enlightened. Jealousy, like fear breaks down the nervous structure and causes chemical and hormonal imbalances which can actually ruin your whole life.

We have all felt it before yes! But to say it is okay to be jealous is like saying it is Ok to be angry... IT IS NOT OK!… Fine!! Perhaps it’s okay. Every emotion is feedback we can use to take note of our alignment lwvel. But emotions like jealousy have no beauty in sight and their end is just embarrassing and sad.

So how is it possible to live without jealousy? First, know that it is possible! That’s what we find that many do not believe it is possible to live without indulging the emotion. But it is.

Re-define yourself: The main cause of jealousy is this inward belief that we are going to lose the one we are with; and that comes from a shortage of confidence in who we are and what we are capable of. I feel it is impossible to lose anything...or anyone! So I move like that. At first it is not easy but it is freeing.

Give more: We tend to feel that the one we are in a relationship with owes us...This is a flawed line of thought. We are in a relationship to express and give. If you are giving to an ungrateful person, you are better off leaving that scene than trying to change the person. Look for new ways to give because all you give will open a door now or in the future, don’t expect the same person to give back to you but believe that you will receive back from the universe.



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