Animals, the Illuminati, and Lionel Messi

Daniel Asuquo
3 min readFeb 21, 2021
Image by Chräcker Heller from Pixabay

What does it mean to be the G.O.A.T?

I was watching a Kevin Hart interview and in that interview, he said “Dave Chappelle is the goat.”

I was like 'whaaaaaa?’ the goat? That was not the first time I had heard someone being referred to as goat, but I didn’t know it was a thing...It sounded off.

The first time I heard about goats, they were this animal. I’m pretty sure you know the one I’m referring to. They are herbivorous and they have like 2 stomachs but that’s not what this article is about. It’s about a different type of Goat — The abbreviated kind of G.O.A.T.

So what does it mean to be the G.O.A.T?

Greatest of all time

The first time I heard the term ‘greatest of all time’, It was attributed to Mohammed Ali…or was it ‘the world’s greatest?’ Anyways the term is familiar. It is usually attributed to people who have made revolutionary strides in an industry; a stride that will not be beaten in a long time. Micheal Jackson I think has been called 'greatest of all time' or was that title for ‘Prince?’. In football, someone like Pele could have been called ‘greatest of all time’. I don’t know if he ever did but we are coming to football in a second. My point is that these men could have earned the title 'greatest of all time’…but not the G.O.A.T! I mean… What the hell kind of abbreviation is that?

The Illuminati

There are articles online and a whole lot of YouTubers who say that Baphomet is what members of the Illuminati and some other cults worship. There’s a whole thing with Baphomet and how it is part of the Hollywood symbolism and all that. Anyways what made me remember this deity called Baphomet… is a goat. Baphomet is represented by a goat and if the Illuminati is associated with the goat? Then there may be something here.

Lionel Messi

I was on social media one day when I saw memes of goats. They were everywhere and I wondered what had made it so…then I realized that Lionel Messi had just been declared the ‘greatest of all time’. No, wait! He was declared the G.O.A.T and though it seems like there’s no difference, I feel there could be. Why else would my mind just remember Baphomet?

I wanted to dismiss the Illuminati idea but something struck me. Why would Kevin Hart so loudly yell “He is the G.O.A.T” on TV? Why not just say “greatest of all time?”. Why would Lionel be called “G.O.A.T” instead of “greatest of all time”? Was there something wrong with the long version? It didn’t take more than a second more to say and yet everybody was saying G.O.A.T

It is said that the Illuminati are masters of double entendres who miss no opportunity to push their ideas upon us. So you see how G.O.A.T could easily mean Baphomet and we are affirming its presence, giving it more power. Meanwhile, we think we are just abbreviating 'greatest of all time’. Okay, that’s ridiculous. It has to be right?

I don’t want to think celebrities are part of some organization that worships a goat-headed being and are boldly pushing the word goat in our faces as a double Entendre to make us join their worship. But what if?? It would definitely explain why celebrities like Kevin Hart are throwing the word around like that. But I could be wrong… I hope I’m wrong.

In conclusion

I just find the term G.O.A.T weird and I don’t think a human being in their right mind should be referring to another person using it. C’mon goat? But it’s being done and it’s becoming official.

My question is WHY? Or more specifically, what does it really mean to be the G.OA.T?