Religion or Science

  1. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit because the snake deceived them and when God found out, He cursed them and that is why labour is painful, man has to hustle and snakes move on their belly.

David Icke and Zachariah Sitchin

When we decide to clear our minds of prejudice, we know the truth once we hear it. These men gave me my answer about the events that would later be documented as Genesis…and it correlated with my science class. Here is how it made sense.

The theory

The men mentioned above have stated (based on findings) that we are the result of genetic modification from an advanced race we called the Annunaki (those who came from the heavens). They say that the Annunaki came to earth in search of Gold. When they came, they saw the beings on the planet were not smart. The aliens needed to make workmen out of them to carry out the mining so they got to work; manipulating and merging DNA. After a series of tests and failures, they were able to create the first Man which they called Adamu.


While there are a lot more parts to this story, like what happened when the Annunaki wanted to go back to their planet because of an asteroid that was about to hit the earth and one of the aliens asked a man (who was a hybrid) to build a device that could protect them from the storm… That’s for another day though.



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