Already Seen

My take on déjà vu

I was in a recording studio once and while I stood in the booth listening to what I had recorded so far, the producer suddenly started looking around the room. I asked him what was wrong and he said he had the strangest feeling; like he’d had that exact experience before. He said he felt we had all been in the studio, wearing the same clothes and having the same conversation. He then said that he could almost tell what was about to happen next. After a few more seconds, all was back to normal…he said that was the first time he felt something so weird.

Déjà vu is described as the feeling of having already experienced a present situation. It has happened to me a lot and while the producer was talking, I thought of the instances I too had experienced déjà vu.

I was intrigued by the idea of a new situation feeling familiar. Sometimes this feeling lasted a few seconds and other times, a few minutes. It was interesting and I wanted to find out more. I meditated for hours…who am I kidding? I went online and while there were lots of theories, none caught my fancy.

The explanation given in The Matrix sounded cool but I would have wanted to confirm it from another source, sadly, there was no source to confirm from.

What causes that thing?

Dr. Walter Bishop blew my mind in the hit TV series Fringe when he explained the cause of déjà vu. He started by saying that every time we make a choice, we create alternate versions of ourselves who go on leading their lives from that checkpoint… and that every time we have a déjà vu, it is that our decisions merged with those of another version of us (are you scratching your head yet?).

Even though I like Dr. Bishop’s definition the best (I know he’s a fictional character), Dr. Michio Kaku (not a fictional character) explains his take here. A few doctors have shown up to say it is caused by a brain condition and is similar to what a person may experience before they have an epileptic seizure (it is reported that some of them see the event before it actually happens…whoa!)

Still pondering…

As intriguing as the concept of déjà vu is, the smart guys are yet to give us a concrete cause for the phenomenon and while the parallel universe theory is interesting, we require more proof before blindly believing. Until then, we keep pondering.

Oh yeah, I implied I had a take on this… oh well!



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