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The real reason I get up in the morning

I don’t eat anything that has calories anytime after 7 pm. I find it’s good for my abs. Many people who know me know this about me. What they don’t know is that sometimes, for a period of what could be one week to three months, I relapse. Of course, I don’t tell anyone that I have relapsed because that’ll make it a whole lot harder to get back on the horse (that’s a figure of speech. …

Here’s why you shouldn’t complain about hardships

I kill it every time I visit a developed country. I hear a lot of “Are you sure you are Nigerian?”

“No I’m not sure, the place is just so awesome I want to associate — get outta here” is my usual response. Then we all laugh and I kill it one more time.

I am functional and I meet deadlines without steady electricity so think of what I do with 24/7 light. I execute government-type jobs in a country where you could get arrested just for rocking dreads so who will I appeal to in a place where it’s…

I attended this charity event once (I belong to a number of charities) and the founder of this organization said something. She said the natural order of things (where a child is raised by two parents) is designed to teach the child love at a certain age (yeah I don’t remember the age). The thing that struck me most is the fact that we fucking learn love. Without a proper family setting, the bond which ‘teaches’ us love would most likely not be formed. Ain’t that a bummer?

So I’m sitting here asking myself how things would have been different…

Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times, and bad times create strong men. — Anonymous

Believe it or not, as I write this article, there are parts of Nigeria that have not seen electricity in one week — some more. In the area I live in, the power official (who I called) said that our transformer has a faulty component and contributions are being made to buy the component before we can begin to talk about fixing the matter. I blew my generator engine about two months back and seeing as it…

That’s what matters in the end

Almost every morning, we awaken from a dream and our reaction could be one of many. We could be happy because it was a good dream, we could be scared because it was a bad dream. We could be excited or sad…or we may not even remember the dream. What I think is, at the point where we die, we wake up and realize the time we spent here was a dream. The question is, how will you remember it?

Every deep thinker has figured out by now that earth is not the ultimate reality. We are all avatars experiencing…

and you don’t have to worry how your children turn out

This article is a bit philosophical. So you need to calm down and read. Alright, let’s do this.

What did you want to be when you grew up? You know…before you learned about what money was and how important it was for you to have it. More importantly, how did you want to be? I’m guessing you thought you would be the most accomplished adult in the world right? All the money should have been yours by now and every aspect of life should have made sense. I’m betting beach houses and first-class trips filled your future. What you did…

The facts are actually scary

I read an article and watched a video some years back. I was on the 'alternate reality' rabbit hole when I passed through 'the Mandela effect theory' and then some. The main point here is that this article claimed that the world had ended in 2012 and that everything we are experiencing now is a simulation run by some scientists in order to find a solution to the whole 'world ending' thing and restart civilization. I haven’t thought about this in a while.

While re-watching Resident Evil though, the thought came back. What if some scientists really did fuck it…

What’s the purpose to what you are doing?

When I decided to go vegan, it was because I wanted to live in optimum health and mental clarity. I joined vegan communities and all that. I saw the testimonies; diseases were cured, cognition was improved and it was all well and good. Then I saw the people who made their whole lives about being vegan. They posted vegan meals and talked about veganism all the fucking time. I started to think, are you doing this for the purpose of just being vegan or is there something you want to achieve and veganism is going to help you?

For many…

Resident evil got this one right

Recently I’ve been re-watching old movie franchises. The Fast and The Furious led me down the path to being a better alpha male; Underworld is next, but for now, I am on Resident Evil, and in the first instalment, the red queen says, “you’re all going to die down here", and it hit differently.

We’re all going to die down here

We talk about enjoying life and living in general but what escapes us is the realization that we are not going to leave earth alive…perhaps Elon Musk will. I’m not sure, but the rest of us who are alive now probably won’t get out alive.


Are you familiar with the story of Job in the bible? Well, let’s summarize for those who don’t know.

Job was a rich man who God loved. Then one day, (for some fucked up reason) God told the devil to go fuck Job up. The devil got to work and wrecked Job.

He went to town on Job. Gave him leprosy, killed his children and cattle…left his wife to stay and nag. He really fucked him up but that’s not the punch line.

The punch line is that Job said “the thing I feared the most has come upon me”

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