3 Movies that’ll Wake you Up

Answering questions and questioning answers

Daniel Asuquo
3 min readMar 7, 2021


Along the path of awakening and knowing more, we find that we pick up information from a whole lot of different places. As we begin to tune ourselves to knowledge, we realize that knowledge finds us — and they most times hide in plain sight.

I’ve come to see that movie makers are in the habit of hiding a lot of ideas worth exploring in their works. Some movies are basically TED Talks with a lot of scenery in that they portray the most unconventional and mind boggling ideas that’ll make a person think hard about what they think they know.

Waking up or being 'woke' for me means questioning everything, and then verifying the answers we’ve gotten by testing them out with past and present experience. Does God exist? Where did we come from? Is the government to be trusted? Is there cloning happening in hollywood? Does fluoride really mess with the third eye and if yes, why is it in the water?

I’ve always said that answers don’t make us smarter, questions do because it is only when a question is asked that the brain fires and a string of discoveries follow.

So when I say these movies will wake you up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll answer give you answers, but they’ll make you question the answers you thought you had. This should be fun.

The Thireenth Floor — This features a group of scientists who find a way to create a simulation where they have replicated their characters from our world and can plug into the simulation to experience it from their 'avatars' points of view.

The movie opens the mind up to the simulation theory and sheds light on the question of whether or not we are currently living in a simulation.

The Matrix — This trilogy (part 4 coming soon) talks about Neo, a hacker, who lives in a world he believes is real, only to realize that it’s a computer construct.

The Matrix blurs the lines of real and not-real by making us examine what we call reality (and history). It also warns us (subtly) about the dangers of AI.

Bruce Almighty — This movie is about a man who is completely dissatisfied with his life until he meets God and gets his powers.

What caught me in this one is how we should be careful what we think about and wish for. It teaches (in it’s own way) that every position has a responsibility that people don’t take note of and how we should be grateful for where we are. Of course this is all masked in beautifully written humor so it’s a great watch.


There are tons of movies that could be added to this list, but these three set the tone for what I am wanting to communicate.

If you have a thirst for knowledge, then be bold enough to seek her. As you go after knowledge, she’ll seek you out as well. As the old proverb goes:

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.



Daniel Asuquo